“National Centre of Science and Technology evaluation” JSC


Enacted on 16.08.17.

User Agreement

This Agreement determines the terms of use of the Information System of the National Scientific and Technology Evaluation (further - System) between the "National Center of Scientific and Technology Evaluation" JSC (further - Center) and Users of this Internet resource (is.ncste.kz), who have joined terms of this Agreement (further Users).

By checking the box "Accept User Agreement" during the registration of the User in the System, and continuing the usage of this site, the User agrees with the terms of this Agreement.

A User who does not accept the terms of this Agreement will not be able to use the System.

1. General conditions

1.1. The following terms and definitions apply to this document in relation between the Parties:

1.1.1. Agreement is this document with all additions and amendments;

1.1.2. Operator, Center is the "National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation" JSC, which provides a state scientific and technical evaluation service;

1.1.3. User is an individual who has joined this Agreement in his own interest or who acts on behalf of interests of the legal entity that he/she represents;

1.1.4. System is the Information System of National Centre of Science and Technology Evaluation;

1.1.5. Corporate site is the site of "National Centre of Science and Technology evaluation" JCS, found at the following address: http://www.ncste.kz

1.1.6. Personal account is a personal section of the System, which the User obtains access after registration and / or authorization in the System. The personal account services for storage of personal data of the User, viewing and managing of accessible functions of the Application and conditions of Application.

1.1.7. The Content includes images, text, audio and video materials, as well as other objects of copyright and (or) related rights, information and messages of any kind of character.

1.2. In this Agreement, other terms and definitions not specified in clause 2.1 may be used. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is in accordance with the text of the Agreement. In the absence of a clear interpretation of the term or definition in the text of the Agreement and other documents constituting a contract based on the conditions of the Agreement, should be guided by its interpretation defined by, firstly, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in the future - by business practice and scientific doctrine.

1.3. This Agreement and referred to therein mandatory document defines the basic conditions of use of the System, as well as any development and / or addition of new features.

1.4. The provision of the System’s functionality is regulated in accordance with the regulations of this Agreement, and further documents additionally accepted on its base (further in the text of the Agreement - "additional document"), as published by the Center on System’s pages, and at the corporate site and can adjust the characteristics of using a particular function of the System.

1.5. In case of conflict between the Agreement and the conditions described in any of the other documents, the priority is given to the conditions of the additional documents.

1.6. Agreement, including related required documents can be edited by the Center without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement and / or referred to therein mandatory documents shall enter into force on the date of posting on the pages of the System or a corporate website, or communicating to the User in any other convenient form, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement and / or referred to therein mandatory documents.

1.7. Using any System’s functionality, you agree that:

1.7.1. Have read the terms of this Agreement before using the System.

1.7.2. Accept all the terms of this Agreement and agree to comply with them otherwise stop using the System. If you do not agree with the terms of the Agreement and referred to mandatory documents for Parties, you should immediately cease any use of the System.

1.8. The current version of the Agreement is published on the webpage at is.ncste.kz/useragreement.

2. General Terms of Use

2.1. The opportunity to use the System is provided by the Center to Users free of charge.

2.2. Viewing of the Content posted in the System in the public domain, does not require registration and / or authorization of the User.

2.3. Any other use of the functionality of the System is permitted only after registration and authorization of the User in accordance with established by Center rules.

2.4. A list of the System's functionality, the use of which requires pre-registration and / or authorization, where necessary, additional documents are determined at the discretion of the Center and may change.

2.5. Upon completion of the registration procedure, a unique account is been created which is associated with the personal account of the User in the System, which is required to enable the use of all the functionality of the System.

2.6. The User agrees to provide accurate and complete information about him/herself as prompted by the Service's registration form during registration, and to keep this information up to date. If the User provides false information or if the Center has reasons to believe that the User-provided information is incomplete or inaccurate, the Center has the right in its sole discretion to block or delete the User's account and refuse the User in using the System in whole or in part. In this case, the User is notified and provided with justification.

2.7. The Center reserves the right to require the User to confirm the information specified in the registration at any time and request supporting documents (in particular - the identity documents), failing which, at the discretion of the Center, can be equated to the provision of false information and entail the consequences provided by paragraph 2.6 of the Agreement. If the data specified in the documents submitted by User do not correspond to the data specified upon registration, and in the case where the data specified upon registration do not allow identifying the User, the Center has the right to apply the measures described in the paragraph 2.6 of the Agreement.

2.8. User information stored in the database account and the personal account, and the data filled by the User in the System are stored and processed by the Center with confidentiality.

2.9. During registration the User chooses his own login (valid e-mail address belonging to the user) and the password for accessing the Personal Account. The subsequent change of the User's password is conducted using the System's software provided in its Personal Account. The Center has the right to prohibit the use of certain logins, as well as to establish the requirements for the login and password (length, permissible symbols, etc.).

2.10. Your account password is confidential information, we kindly ask you to avoid giving your password even to the JSC “NCSTE” coordinator in order to avoid conflict situations.

3. Restrictions on use of the Application

By accepting this Agreement, you understand and agree that:

3.1. The Center has the right to set limits and restrictions on the use of the System for all Users or for specific categories of Users (depending on the place of residence of the User, the language in which the service is provided, etc.), including: the presence / absence of certain functions, the maximum period of storage of information and data, special parameters of downloaded information, etc.

Details of the restrictions is communicated to the Users in the form and in the manner determined by the Center.

3.2. The Center cannot guarantee that functionality of the System meets the expectations and demands of the User at the time of adoption of the Agreement. At the same time, the User’s feedback is welcome in order to improve the work of the System.

3.3. As the System is under constant update, the form and nature of the functionality of the System may change occasionally without prior notice sent to the User.

3.4. During the System’s use, it is not allowed to:

3.4.1. Upload, send, transmit or in any other way to place and / or distribute information forbidden by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3.4.2. Impersonate another individual or representative of an organization and / or community without sufficient powers. It is forbidden to impersonate the staff of the Center, as well as apply any other forms and ways of illegal representation in the System.

3.4.3. Upload, send, transmit or in any other way to place and / or distribute the Content without the rights to do so under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3.4.4. Violate the functional operation of the System;

3.4.5. Post links to resources on the Internet, as well as any information whose content is contrary to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3.4.6. Promote actions aimed to violate restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement;

3.4.7. Otherwise violate the law, including international law.

3.5. If case when violation of the rights and / or interests concerning the use of the System was identified, a written notice describing detailed circumstances of the breach, as well as content that violated the rights and / or interests should be sent to the Center.

3.6. In case of multiple or gross violation of the terms of this Agreement and / or the legislation requirements, the Center has the right to block or delete the User's account and prohibit access through the personal account to particular functional Systems, and delete any data specified in the Personal Account or content posted by the User without advance notice.

4. Intellectual rights.

4.1. All facilities available through the System, including design elements, text, graphics, images, video, computer programs, databases, music, sound, and other objects placed in the System are subject to the exclusive rights of the Center and other rights holders.

4.2. The Center provides the User with the right to use the System in its full functionality.

4.3. Using the System in other ways, including copying (reproduction) of the content, as well as design elements of the Systems, computer programs and databases, their decompilation, modification and further distribution, public display, communication to the public is prohibited unless otherwise stated in this Agreement.

4.4. User has no rights to render, copy, sell and use any part of the System or access to them (including content available to Users in the System) for any commercial purposes. Exceptions are allowed in cases where the User has received a permit from the Center, or when it is stated in the additional documents.

4.5. The System may contain links to sites on the Internet (third party sites). Third parties and their content are not checked by the Center for compliance with certain requirements (accuracy, completeness, legality, etc.). The Center shall not be liable for any information, materials contained on third-party sites to which the User has access in connection with the use of Systems, as well as for the availability of such sites or the information, and the consequences of their use by the User.

4.6. A link posted in the System (in any form) to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature is not an endorsement or recommendation of the Center to use these products (services activities), except for the cases when it is specified so by the Center.

5. Notifications

5.1. The Center has the right to send to Users information messages (hereinafter - the Notifications) about important occasions regarding the System. Notifications are sent to emails specified in Users’ personal accounts.

5.2. Notifications additionally inform the User about the limitations of access to the System due to maintenance work, User violations, and changes in the System’s functionality, content or terms of Systems use, including amendments in the Agreement, other obligatory and additional documents.

5.3. The Center, at its own discretion, has the right to use notifications to disseminate information about the activities of the Center and third parties affiliated with it.

6. Final Terms

6.1. Issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All possible disputes arising from relations governed by this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations. When it is impossible to settle disputes through negotiation it is solved in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Everywhere in the text of this Agreement the term "law" means the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan unless expressly stated otherwise.

6.2. If for any reason one or more provisions of this Agreement shall be held invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

6.3. Inaction on the part of the Center in the event of a breach by the User or other Users of the provisions of the Agreements does not deprive the Center of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests later, nor does it mean denial of the Center's rights in the event of subsequent or similar violations.

6.4. All disputes under this Agreement or in connection with it are subject to judicial review at the location of the Center in accordance with the procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6.5. This Agreement is made in Russian and can be provided to the User for consideration in the Kazakh and English languages. In the event of a divergence of the Russian version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in a different language, the Russian version of this Agreement shall apply.

7. Requisites of the Center:

National Centre of Science and Technology evaluation,

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 221 Bogenbai batyr st,

ID number: 110740017735

Website: http://www.ncste.kz/en

e-mail: support@ncste.kz, info@ncste.kz