Result of the SSTE objects

# IRN Object type 1st stage 2nd stage Total score
1 BR06149195 The National Program of Personalized and Preventive Medicine Implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2020 ПЦФ 28
2 BR06149202 Improvement of the methodology for diagnosis of socially significant diseases (with malignant neoplasms), joint use of personalized approaches using information and analytical decision support systems. ПЦФ 28
3 BR06149198 Predicting the vertical transmission of viral hepatitis B in pregnant women with different activity of the infectious process. ПЦФ 24.33
4 BR06149192 Influence of ecological, social and demographic risk factors on human health, psychometric indicators and quality of life of the population in different regions of the South Kazakhstan ПЦФ 23.67
5 BR06149193 Development of a hardware-software information system and a number of mobile and portable diagnostic devices for operational control of public health and the state of the environment ПЦФ 19
6 BR06149197 Development of criteries of endometrium’s functional status for optimization of treatment of infertility ПЦФ 12
Total quantity 6 Notes