How to apply for the competition in the electronic form from a legal entity?

When applying by the applicant (legal entity)

1-step: The first head of the organization (the applicant is a legal entity), the supervisor and all members must register in the information system (create personal account). If you have previously created a personal account in the information system, you do not need to create a new personal account. You can use a previously created personal account;

2-step: The supervisor must create an application (Calls - Announced - Create) in his personal account, fill out all the necessary documents according to the contest documentation and appoint all members of the research team who are planned to participate in the project.

As well as in the “Basic Information” section the supervisor must select in the “Applicant” field from the list the organization (legal entity) from which he is submitting an application for the call.

For example, if you submit from the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management "Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov", you just need to type the word "Gumilyov".

You cannot add an organization by yourself, because the information system has a database of all accredited applicants (organizations) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is necessary to choose from the list.

If you did not find the name of the organization in the list, you need to contact the technical support of the information system (online chat, contact numbers or feedback -

3-step: All designated members of the research group must confirm participation in the project through the information system in their personal account;

4-step: After 100% completion of all data, the supervisor signs the entire package of documents through his electronic digital signature (EDS).

After the documents are signed, the supervisor is not assigned to the IRN.

5-Step: Next, the application enters the personal account of the first head of the organization, who must sign and submit the application (all documents) through the electronic digital signature (organization EDS) of the legal entity of which he applies for the call.

At the same time, the information system automatically assigns the IRN to the application (Example of the IRN - AP05112345).

If there is no application in the personal account of the first head, signed by the supervisor, you need to contact technical support. (online chat, contact numbers or feedback -

IMPORTANT: To use a digital signature (EDS), you must install the Ncalayer software on your computer. Software can be downloaded for FREE by following the link:

The supervisor must, before signing EDS documents, verify that the IIN specified in his / her personal account profile with the IIN indicated in the identity card.

The first head of the organization should verify the compliance of the BIN and EDS of the organization from which he submits the application.