Is it necessary to register all the members of a research group?

Yes, all members of a research group must register with the system to be able to assign them to a project. After the appointment, all members of the research group must confirm their participation in the project in their personal accounts.


I forgot the email through which I registered earlier in the information system. What should I do?

Write a handwritten statement addressed to the president of JSC "NCSTE" Ibraev A.Zh., sign it and scan it. Attach a scanned statement and a copy of ID or passport and send an email to The content of the statement should be concise and clear. Example: I ask you to give permission to change the Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich’s login to, in connection (indicate the reason here).


What to do if you forgot the password from the personal account of the information system?

If you have forgotten the password from your personal account, you need to follow the link Enter the e-mail address through which you previously registered and recover the password from your personal account.


What does IRN look like and where can I see it?

Example of IRN application - AP05131234

It will be possible to view the IRN of the application after submitting it in the “My Account” section of the personal account in the corresponding IRN field, or on the application viewing form in the “Basic Information” block.


How to apply?

In the information system, an application can be submitted only by the research supervisor of the project. To do this, in your personal account of the information system, go to the “Contests” section, then “Announced” and click on the “Submit application” button, or go to the “My applications” section and click on the “Add” button.


Is it possible to re-submit an application that has not been approved for funding in one of the past competitions?

You can apply if you have not received low points according to the results of the state scientific and technical expertise (3-15.99 points)


Who can participate in the contest for young scientists?

Accredited subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities, as well as autonomous educational organizations and their organizations on equal terms, are entitled to participate in the contest.


If I am now the research supervisor of one project and the performer of another project, can I apply for a contest of young scientists?

Yes, you can apply for the contest.


What are the age limits for participants in the contest for young scientists?

The age for participation in the contest of young scientists, for research supervisors and members of a research group (including a foreign scientist), is not older than 40 years old inclusive at the time of application.


I am studying in the fourth year of my bachelor. Can I participate in the contest for young scientists?

According to the requirements of the tender documentation for young scientists, all members of the research group must have a completed higher education (academic degree bachelor/master).


Should research team members sign their participation in the project by EDS?

The members of the research group (except for the supervisor) do not use EDS, their participation in the project is confirmed only through a personal account in the information system.

When filling out the Budget section, an error appears that the payroll has exceeded 60%. It is not more than 60% of the requested amount for the entire period. Why does it happen?

According to the bidding documentation, the condition not to exceed the payroll fund of 60% of the requested amount applies to each year of sale separately. For example, the salary fund for 2020 should not exceed 60% of the total requested amount for 2020. And this is applicable for each subsequent year of implementation.

Do Taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget include the mandatory pension contribution and individual income tax that are paid from employee salaries?

No. When indicating salaries, these payments should already be taken into account. In the table “Consolidated estimated calculation of expenses for the requested project amount” in the line “Taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget”, as well as in the table of the same name, only 4 types of taxes are paid which are NOT paid from the employee’s salary.

Why is the table entitled “Taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget” the compulsory pension contributions of the employer is included if the pension contributions are already taken into account in the salary?

Starting from 2020, in addition to compulsory pension contributions, which are deducted in the amount of 10% of employee income, employers will additionally pay pension contributions in the amount of 5% at their own expense. Since the budget is filled for 2020-2022, the introduction of this measure is provided in the table.



Is it possible to receive an individual personal consultation in “NCSTE” JSC?

Consultations are available only by phones 8 (727) 355-50-02 and 8 (727) 355-50-01 (ext. 210, 216, 217, 218, 219, 221, 224, 226, 227, 228, 229, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236) and via online chat on

In what currency should the amounts be indicated in applications in different languages?

In the application in English, the amounts are indicated in US dollars, taking into account the rate of the National Bank at the time of filling it. In applications in Russian and Kazakh languages ​​amounts are indicated in tenge.